About Us

As a Bellevue (Lake Hills) resident since 1976, I have enjoyed watching our little town blossom into what has become a beautiful, thriving and amazingly diverse, full-fledged city!  But while the diversity and growth is great, these changes can’t come without a few growing pains.  With all of these developments in our city, it is hard to keep ALL neighborhoods connected.  Hence the birth of the East Bellevue Bulletin – news & happenings for the other side of Bellevue!

Here’s what we do:

  • Report on news & events affecting all of the East Bellevue neighborhoods that feed to Sammamish and Interlake High Schools
  • Encourage community involvement by promoting our neighborhood schools, churches, businesses and neighborhood associations
  • Practice community advocacy by keeping open communications with local authorities and elected officials about the needs and concerns of our neighborhoods

The East Bellevue Bulletin is a work in progress, but one that we feel can bring our community together and we look forward to any and all feedback or input you may have.  Please email us anytime at eastbellevuebulletin@gmail.com or comment below.  It takes a village after all… even to build a community news blog!


Thanks so much for reading,

Tracy Lisk Brown
East Bellevue Bulletin Publisher



6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Tracy,
    This is a wonderful idea.
    I wondered if you’d be interested in featuring a person or organization?
    For example, my daughter started an organization while in the Peace Corps that supports six orphaned girls with education and a safe place to stay when they are out of school. The cost is enormous and evern though we are constantly doing fundraisers there is never enough, so my daughter uses her paycheck to make up the difference.
    She is presently working on a video to put onto Kickstarter or Go Fund Me, but perhaps if there was a small article in your newspaper it might bring awareness to her plight and perhaps some high school students might be interested as using this idea for their senior project.

    To read more visit http://www.EmpoweringDignity.org or her blog, http://underanambersky.blogspot.com.
    There is also a Go Fund Me link under education that I posted last semseter.

    I am making cards to sell to support this organization and wondered if there would be the opportunity for advertizing in your newspaper.

    I am a photographer and would be happy to offer my services to you for free,

    Many Thanks,
    Colleen Dishy Wes

    • Hi Colleen-

      Thanks for the note! I’m definitely going to look at your daughters blog and would love to do a write up about her project in the near future. These kind of stories are exactly what we want to feature on EBB 🙂 I have few things coming up this week and early next, so maybe I can touch base with you guys later next week when I will have a little more focused time? Looking forward to talking with you guys soon!


      • Thank you so much Tracy. I am excited to share this with Jenna. Looking forward to meeting with you.


      • Hi Colleen-

        I’m so sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I’m wondering if you and Jenna would have time to meet me for a quick coffee to chat about Jenna’s project so I could write something up for the blog? I’m free most afternoons so please let me know what works for you guys over the next couple weeks.

        Thanks so much,
        Tracy Brown

      • Thanks Tracy, I will forward this to Jenna. She works every day except Wednesdays.



  2. This is great, Tracy–I agree, since the demise of the Times, we just don’t see very much news covering our portion of Bellevue. Thanks for starting this up!

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