One thought on “City of Bellevue Police Chief Finalists

  1. Hi Tracy,EBCC’s November 4 meeting will feature a forum on the coming I-405 construction. This is sure to impact all of our east Bellevue neighborhoods. We will also have Bellevue Transportation and Traffic staff on hand to let us know planning for the disruption.  Please let me know the best way to post this in your blog, and other ways to get the word out. am contacting you on behalf of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Toll Division. We would appreciate the opportunity to attend an upcoming Sunset Ranch meeting to speak with members of the community about the I-405 Express Toll Lanes Project. You have likely noticed an increase in construction activity along the corridor. WSDOT contractors have been working to build express toll lanes on I-405 from Lynnwood to Bellevue, scheduled to open late 2015. Drivers on I-405 experience some of the worst traffic in the state—up to eight hours of congestion each day—and the HOV lanes are often as congested as the regular lanes. New express toll lanes will give non-carpool drivers a choice to use the HOV lanes by paying a toll. As more drivers use the express toll lanes, traffic will also move faster in the regular lanes. We would be happy to attend an upcoming meeting to brief your members on how the I-405 express toll lanes will work and what drivers need to do to be ready. You can get more information on I-405 express toll lanes by visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you and meeting with your members later this year. Charlie Tennyson Also, I am currently enrolled in the Bellevue Essentials class, and would like to invite you to our graduation on Thursday, Nov 6, at 6PM at City Hall. I have attached an invitation for you – hope you can make it!

    Betsi Hummer 425.591.4784

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